As a rule of thumb, babies typically do not need water until they begin to eat solid foods. Until they begin to eat solid foods, their required daily water comes from their formula or breastmilk.

For those using formula for babies under six months, using tap water for bottles is an option. If you choose to use tap water, you should also consider a water purification system. The system ensures that no harmful elements will make it into your child’s drinking water. There are many affordable water purification systems available that would suit your needs, and a water purification professional will be able to help you determine which method is best for your purification needs.

In some situations, an infant can have a bit of extra water. This is especially true if the child is constipated. Allowing the infant to have a few ounces of water alone is sometimes recommended by a doctor as a way to get things moving. It is important not to try this method without consulting a medical professional

Most pediatricians recommend that parents begin to introduce solid foods around six months of age. At this time, water can be incorporated as well. Serving a sippy cup with a few ounces of water in it at  mealtime is a great way to prepare the child for not having bottles in the future. Of course, bottles of formula or breastmilk are still the infants main source of nourishment until age 1.

At six months, you child may not drink much of the water given to them during mealtimes. Don’t worry! Introducing the water by itself before age 1 is simply that- an introduction! Formula or breastmilk still suffice and keep your child healthy and hydrated for the first year.

After the first year, there is no specific guideline to follow regarding how much water our child should consume. As long as the water given to the child meets all current safety standards, there should be no concern. Avoid mineral, carbonated, and vitamin waters. These can leave the child gassy and generally unhappy.

Water is essential to everyday human life, and it is a vital source for those of all ages. This main difference is how it is consumed. While it is healthy for minors and adults to have a glass of water, infants get their required daily water from their feedings. Simply put, water is life, and you want to take the best care of the one that you created!