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The Clear Choice In Clean Water

For water as it was meant to be: Fresh, Clean, Pure.

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Our Commitment To Exceptional Service

Following any sale our service is second to none. From monthly equipment servicing to installation or repairs, our factory trained technicians are quick, efficient, and courteous.


Our Highly Trained Staff

Our highly trained staff of WQA Certified Water Specialists have years of experience dealing with the challenging water conditions commonly found in South Florida.


Your Satisfaction Is Our Number One Goal

From well drilling to pump installation and repair, to water filtration, we are here to provide you with the cleanest water possible for your home or business.


Trouble-Free Installation

At Clear Choice, we don’t just sell you a water filtration system, we help you take care of it.

With certified equipment repacking and repair, monthly water testing, quality water testing, water pumps, installation and well-drilling for all water filtration systems.


Fresh, Clean And Pure

The certified programs provide us with the knowledge and the training necessary to provide you and your family with the latest most advanced water filtration equipment available which will supply water as it was meant to be fresh, clean, pure.


Available 7 Day A Week

Clear Choice is family owned and operated, we don’t just sell you a unit and walk away; we’re there when you need us.


Regularly Scheduled Water Quality Testing

You don’t need a water cooler, you want clean fresh bottleless drinking water from any faucet in your house.

Our product line includes water softeners, carbon filtration, whole house reverse osmosis, UV, aeration, chemical-free sulfur filtration, chemical-free iron filtration, under sink reverse osmosis and commercial systems.

We repair most major brands of equipment from water pump installation and repair, from Carbon filtration sales and service, water softener sales and service to a Carbon Filter, we have everything you need with our trained technicians to come to your home. We even have Well Drilling-Residential and Iron Filter rebidding available. Contact a salesperson today for more information.

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We Got Your Back!

Let Us Do Your Heavy Lifting

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Clean Water For Better Living

Every day you use water, gallons of it. You drink it, cook with it and bathe in it, but how often do you have it checked for purity?
Is it clear or cloudy? Does it contain particles of sediment or a high level of iron?

Does it leave a metal taste in your mouth? Does it all too often have the smell of rotten eggs?

Answer yes to any of these questions, and you are consuming water that may not be as pure as you think.
The easy way to know what dirty little secrets your water is hiding is with a free
in-home water quality analysis from the Clear Choice Water Filtration Experts.

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The Clear Choice In Clean Water

We know water, and we know how to improve the purity of your water by removing contaminants such as iron, sulfur, hardness, and sediment just to name a few.

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Evaluating Your Needs

We don’t guess at the pH balance of your water or sell you a one-unit-fits-all filtration system. We come to your home, evaluate your needs, test your water quality and suggest only the filtration system best suited for your individual needs.

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Certified Equipment & Technicans

Clear Choice Water Filtration Systems are built using components certified by the Water Quality Association (WQA.ORG) throughout Florida and South Florida.

FREE Water Quality Analysis Test For Registered Realtors In The Palm Beach County Area


Realtors-Special[ An Value $85. ]

We know water, and we know how to improve the purity of your water by removing contaminants such as iron, sulfur, hardness, and sediment just to name a few.

Our trained technicians will be on premises and test your water with the FREE Water Quality Analysis Test* which includes testing for the following containments and check the operation of all equipment; Water Softeners, Carbon Filters, Whole House RO, UV Light, Bladder Tank, and Pump Pressure, Etc…

Iron Hardness, Sulfur Chlorides, Total Dissolved Chlorine, Tannis Solids (TDS) (City Water)

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* Additional testing available that meets VA & FHA loan requirements, and is not included in this FREE Water Quality Analysis Test, other fees may apply. Check with your Clear Choice Water Filtration representative for more details.

Having the right water filtration system can make a big difference

in your family’s quality of life, in the water you drink, the coffee you brew, the food you prepare, and even the condition of your skin and hair. Choosing a one size fits all system is not the best choice for most families. A system that is too small to meet your water demands will not be able to filter the water effectively.

Whole House Reverse Osmosis Units

We make quality, clean water affordable…

Platinum Series Twin Tank Softener System

All of the Elite Series Gold System PLUS…

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Water Purification Systems by Clear Choice Water Filtration 6

Clear Choice Delivers Quality Water

… that exceeds most bottled water quality! … for only pennies a gallon. … right at your fingertips. … for ice and prepared beverages.

Whether your water supply or a need for water filtration for Well or City, Residential or Commercial locations. We have many purification systems such as Chemical Free Iron and Sulfur Filtration, Hydrogen Peroxide Filtration Systems, Ultraviolet Water Treatment, point of use Whole House Reverse Osmosis, Ozone Water Treatment, Iron removal systems, Ozone Water Treatment and many more

We have FHA/VA State Certified Water Testing available, just ask our salesperson about our In home water analysis today.

Serving West Palm Beach, Palm Beach, Loxahatchee, Jupiter, Palm Beach Gardens, Abacoa, Juno Beach and all of South East Florida



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