The Clear Choice Water Filtration Product Line

Having the right water filtration system can make a big difference in your family’s quality of life, in the water you drink, the coffee you brew, the food you prepare, and even the condition of your skin and hair.

Choosing a one size fits all system is not the best choice for most families.
A system that is too small to meet your water demands will not be able to filter the water effectively.

Reverse Osmosis Units –

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Single & Twin Tank Softener Systems

buttonThe Elite Series Gold System…

Sulfur Shield Hydrogen Peroxide Systems

buttonA powerful oxidizing agent…

Iron Shield Air Induction Systems

buttonNo Harmful Chemicals…

Aerator Systems

buttonReduces gases naturally with no chemicals…

Ultra Violet Lights

buttonUV light used to purify drinking water…

Product_Insets-9Whole House RV Units
buttonDual Membrane Industrial Reverse Osmosis Units…


Exceptional Service Is Our Commitment To You.

A system that is too large may need to regenerate more often than necessary leading to wasted water and energy.

Worst of all, a system not built specifically for your water parameters may not remove the contaminants you and your family need removed.

That is why in addition to offering a wide variety of water filtration products to meet your every need, our trained water technicians can provide you with a filtration system built for you!

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Your Satisfaction Is Our Number One Goal

From well drilling to pump installation and repair, to water filtration, we are here to provide you with the cleanest water possible for your home or business.


Our Highly Trained Staff

Our highly trained staff of WQA Certified Water Specialists have years of experience dealing with the challenging water conditions commonly found in South Florida.


Fresh, Clean And Pure

The certified programs provide us with the knowledge and the training necessary to provide you and your family with the latest most advanced water filtration equipment available which will supply water as it was meant to be…fresh, clean, pure.

Clean Water For Better Living

We come to your home, evaluate your needs, test your water quality
and suggest only the filtration system best suited
for your individual needs.