In-home water treatment provides the Final Barrier to prevent contaminants or health hazards from being ingested by you, a family member, or pet. It can also address the impurities that lend an unattractive taste, smell, or appearance to your drinking water.

The goal of WQA’s Final Barrier Initiative is to investigate and plan ways to deliver better quality water to more people across the globe. Better quality water encompasses both aesthetic issues to protect property and health issues to attain higher levels of public health. The scope of the initiative focuses on point-of-use and point-of-entry water treatment options for residential and business purposes. The Final Barrier Initiative is a top priority for WQA because it supports our main goals to drive industry awareness, growth, credibility and professionalism.

The Final Barrier concept recommends the use of drinking water filtration systems to ensure quality drinking water is available at the water faucet. In-home water treatment can address issues such as:

  • Disinfection byproducts formed during treatment and delivery to homes
  • Corrosion products from the distribution system
  • Corrosion or other products from unknown sources in home plumbing
  • Contaminant intrusions into the system from distribution line breaks
  • Trace levels of unregulated contaminants such as endocrine disruptors

Every household faces different water issues and a myriad of possible concerns. You may need to do some home testing and research to find out what contaminants you may be facing.