FREE Water Quality Analysis Test*
For Registered Realtors In The Palm Beach County Area






The easy way to know what dirty little secrets your water is hiding is with a Free Water Quality Analysis Test* (an $85. value) the Clear Choice Water Filtration Experts will test and provide a complete water analysis report for your listed home, commercial or industrial building. We are members of the Florida Water Quality Association.

We know water, and we know how to improve the purity of your water by removing contaminants such as iron, sulfur, hardness, and sediment just to name a few.

FREE Water Quality Analysis Test For Realtors In Palm Beach County

Our trained technicians will be on premises and test your water with the FREE Water
Quality Analysis Test* which includes testing for the following containments
and check the operation of all equipment; Water Softeners, Carbon Filters,
Whole House RO, UV Light, Bladder Tank, and Pump Pressure, Etc…

•    Iron
•    Hardness
•    Sulfur
•    Chlorides
•    Total Dissolved Solids (TDS)
•    Chlorine (City Water)
•    Tannis

*     Additional testing available that meets VA & FHA loan requirements, and is not included in this FREE Water Quality Analysis Test, other fees may apply. Check with your Clear Choice Water Filtration representative for more details.

Clean Water For Better Living

We come to your home, evaluate your needs, test your water quality
and suggest only the filtration system best suited
for your individual needs.