Chromium 6 is a chemical that has been linked to causing cancer. In all of America, residents have been exposed to tap water that has high levels of chromium 6; it is colorless and odorless so there is no real way to detect it at home. If water is left untreated across the United States, there could be thousands more cases of cancer annually. 

Chromium 3 is naturally found in fruits, grains, yeast, vegetables, and even some meats. It helps to break down carbohydrates in the body, in addition to fats and proteins. But, chromium 6 has a different effect when introduced within the body. Breathing in the chemical chromium 6 can cause lung cancer, liver damage, reproductive problems, and can even hinder development. 

In water, tests have concluded that high levels of chromium 6 can cause cancer. Regulatory standards set by the EPA limit the amount of chromium that can be found in tap water, but it does not specify these types of chromium. The limit put forth by the EPA is 100 parts per billion. 

THe best way to test for chromium in your city fed or well water is to contact a water treatment professional, or to send a sample to an EPA certified lab for testing. The local health department in your area may also be helpful in regards to finding out what is typically found in the water in our area. 

Luckily, there is a solution to rid your water of this toxic chemical! Reverse osmosis water filtration systems work to remove chromium 6 from your drinking water. The semipermeable membrane in the reverse osmosis water filtration system works to get rid of ions, large particles, and molecules in order to purify your tap water.  Water is guided across the semipermeable membrane, and the chromium 6, along with other harmful particles, are removed from the water. These under-the-sink devices can be found at any local hardware store in your area, but it is best to leave the installation to the professionals. Professionals will be able to ensure that the reverse osmosis filtration system is set up properly, and is functioning at its optimal level. 

Keeping yourself and your family healthy is very important, and as a homeowner, installing this simple system will ensure that you are doing just that. By filtering your water, you are making it much safer for your family to ingest, which will definitely ease your mind and help you to sleep better at night.